Monitoring Committees

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The project management structure of ILSP is structured to have state and district level committees to monitor and steer the project implementation. The committees comprises of representatives from State Government, line departments, public and other stakeholders.

Project Steering Committee (PSC): PSC is a state level committee chaired by the Chief Secretary, Govt of Uttarakhand. PSC is mandated to meet once in six months to review project progress, provide overall guidance and policy support and to facilitate inter-departmental coordination.
Project Manangement Committee (PMC): PMC is a state level committee chaired by the ACS/ FRDC, Govt of Uttarakhand. The PMC is mandate to meet every quarter and its main functions comprises of approving AWPBs together with PSC, reviewing progress, resolving implementation issues and facilitate convergence etc.

District Coordination and Monitoring Committees: This is a district level committee in each district covered by ILSP activities and to monitor and coordinate project implementation at the district level and ensure linkages between the project, line agencies/ departments and other government agencies.


Logframe Based, RIMS, AOS, KAPs...


To access the status of impact at various stages of implementation, ILSP is provisioned and designed to have periodic surveys based on project indicators for Logical framework, RIMS, AOS, KAPs etc..

M&E System under ILSP generates management information and provide the State Government and IFAD with evidence of result and impact against logframe indicators (and also for IFAD's RIMS system). This involves activity/output, process, outcome and impact monitoring. This includes various surveys i.e. Baseline, Midterm, Endterm, Result and Impact Management Survey (RIMS), Knowledge Aptitude Practice Surveys (KAPs), Annual Outcome Survey (AOS) etc. In addition, project also conducts IIIrd party assessment for specific activities

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation in ILSP has been developed under the project as a continuous process for effective project implementation management. The objective of M&E process is to collect reliable data and information for measuring performance and progress towards achievement of results; and to provide information about success and failures, and to take corrective measures for successful implementation of project activities. It is also used as a learning tool to provide information for critical reflection on project strategies and operations and supporting decision-making at various levels as a basis for results based management.
The mechanisms developed under ILSP to facilitate project monitoring and evaluation includes the online MIS, Monitoring Committees at State, District and Block level, Surveys and third party evaluation etc.

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